What is the pricing information for appointments and examinations?

Your initial/follow appointment has a charge as per your insurance schedule.

Self-funding patients are charged £240 for new and £150 follow-up.

You can request a PHINN letter from my secretary explaining this further.

What examinations may be required at consultation?

You may require a small procedure such as micro-suction, nasal cautery or endoscopy. 

What are the timings for appointments?

New consults usually take 30 minutes, but if you have an ear problem my secretary may arrange a hearing test prior to you being seen.

What days can I be seen?

Ms Ali has clinics on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please refer to her secretary for further details as the location varies.

What if I need an operation?

Miss Ali will fully discuss this with you explaining the procedure and common side effects. You may need a further on follow up appointment to allow you to digest the information and ask further questions. information and ask further

How can I send you my referral from my GP?

You can email this to secretary@ent- saf.co.uk

How do I know if my insurance will cover my tests?

You will have time after the consultation to phone and advise your insurers of any further investigations and gain approval code. 

I would like to see you in the NHS?

You will need to ask your GP to send a letter of referral to The Royal London Hospital. Unfortunately, such  appointments cannot be made through my private secretary information and ask further

Are there any ENT conditions not covered by my insurance?

There are two main conditions –

snoring or cosmetic surgery that need discussion with your insurer. Snoring is dependent on your own policy and is insurance company, and requiresd discussion. Cosmetic issues on the whole are not funded by most the insurance companies 

What is the exact amount I pay?

The prices quoted here are my fees only for self-pay patients but there are separate charges for the hospitals. These vary and can be provided to you by my team.

Why do I need to go to another hospital after I see you?

At times all the investigations needed are not based in the clinic but across the network. At all times my secretary will advise you of the tests and follow up results with you.

Can I have a video consultation?

This may be possible, but will be limited
as no examination can take place. A follow up out-patient appointment will likely be necessary.